How to make an application portable


After two consecutive java applications I’ve decided to post about something else. When you are forced to do your work on another computer you won’t get a chance to deal with your favorite fancy applications. Sometimes you might not allowed to install on that  computer. At that time the solution is “Portable Applications”.

Portable Applications

Portable applications are applications that sits on your flash drive and allow you to work with them. You do not need to install them in your computer. Therefore for your ease portable version of many frequently used applications can be downloaded from here. But unfortunately it doesn’t contain all the applications that you need. In here I’m going to introduce some methods that allow you to make an application portable yourself.

When I had to make a certain application portable I searched through internet and found following applications

1. MojoPac
It was a very interesting application. It gives a secure virtual desktop, so we can install any application, games in it. But the main drawback is, it needs administrator privileges to run. Therefore it won’t work with Windows Vista or later operating systems.

2. Ceedo
It’s also a same as MojoPac but it’s not for free.

3. Portable App Creator
It’s a freeware that makes some small applications portable.You can try it from here.

Introducing software

But finally I found an interesting software called VMware ThinApp. It allows you to make your own favourite application portable.  You can have VMware ThinApp from official website for 60 days.

Steps to follow

Here are the steps to do that.

1. Make sure that the application you are going to make portable is not installed on your PC

2. Install VMware ThinApp.

3. Run VMware ThinApp and it will scan your PC.

4. Then you are allowed to install the application you want to make portable.

5. Again VMware ThinApp will run a system scan.

6. Just after few steps ……… That’s all. you can find your portable application in “\bin” folder.

You can also find some software that have been already went through that process 😀


1. More about working with ThinApp :

2. MojoPac :

3. More about portable application creators :


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