Configuring ownCloud with XAMPP in Ubuntu



The ownCloud is a popular open-source, self-hosted file sync and sharing platform [1]. With ownCloud you can almost create a cloud storage of your own (private cloud). For that you need to installing ownCloud on top of an already existing server is the common way. For this base infrastructure, I’m using XAMPP [2], and please take a note of product versions below.


  • Linux machine (I tested with Ubuntu 16.04)
  • XAMPP 7.0.8 (x64)
  • ownCloud 9.1.0

Note: I have experienced issues with XAMPP 7.0.9, missing module mod_ssl [3]. Also older ownCloud versions may not support newer PHP version coming up with XAMPP


Installing XAMPP is quite simple task, that you need to run downloaded “.run” executable in sudo mode.

chmod +x

sudo ./

You will get a GUI to configure further settings. Once you finished installing XAMPP, you can move on to installing ownCloud.

Installing ownCloud wan’t easy as thought. You’ll have to deal with several ownership level changes to directories.

First you need to download the ownCloud, and extract the zip file. Secondly you need to put it in to “htdocs” folder of XAMPP.

Then use following in terminal to go to super-user mode and creating the “data” folder inside owncloud folder you copied. Thereafter you need to give all privileges to “data” folder with “chmod”

sudo su

cd owncloud/

mkdir data chmod 777 data/

Now you can access “http://localhost/owncloud” URL from browser and configure admin account.

Once you have created the admin account, you need to make sure that data folder has right permissions. For that you need to change user, user-group ad permissions of the “data” folder.

chown daemon:daemon -R data/

chmod 770 -R data/

After completion, you’ll be able to see the welcome screen of ownCloud when navigating to “http://localhost/owncloud” URL.


[1] ownCloud –

[2] XAMPP –

[3] XAMPP issue –


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